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Have to trust in what he said, Jackson said. Know I do. I don see it any other way, personally, myself. Speaking to the men of Athens, people always on the lookout for the new, the novel, the latest metaphysical high, Paul described God as one “in whom we live and move and have our being.” Peter writes it this way: “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness.” And Thomas, bless him, short and sweet and to the point simply confesses: “My Lord and my God!” Coffee whitener? Spice for the soup? I don’t think so. God is the foundation of life, and any life lacking such an underpinning doesn’t have a hope of standing over time. So when we are invited to consider adding religion to our diet or to compartmentalize life so that we end up with spiritual needs and then all the rest of our needs, one could be forgiven for asking how these views square with the apostolic vision of God.

The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, was full of hands pumping in the air, explosive blasts and beaming lights as Grammy winning DJ producer Zedd, known for the hits and Free with Ariana Grande, played piano and backed Lady A. The trio performed some of Zedd Now in between their own song, Stretch of Love. Underwood, the lead nominee with five, won the first award Wednesday for collaborative video of the year for Bad, her duet with Miranda Lambert..

The tide may be turning at last. Keurig has suffered steep stock losses amid a flurry of bad publicity. It was announced this month the company will be sold to JAB Holding, which has shares in competing brands Tassimo, Caribou Coffee and Peet’s Coffee Tea.

It is also provincial. Unfortunately, the increase in crime is province wide, hitting many other communities as well. We will continue to work with what we have. Our Cheboygan sauna requires about an hour and a half of stoking to bring it up to the preferred 195 degrees for a good sweat. Stepping into the sauna means encountering a wall of heat that sinks into your bones. Enjoying a sauna requires controlled breathing similar to running, swimming or meditation.

Gene not the first guy not to have his finger on the pulse and I sure he not the last, said Sixx. Are a bunch of kids out there who are coming up, who are listening to the music that we talking about as well as modern bands, and they going to put it all in a big blender and they going to come up with something fresh. That why rock is not dead.

1964 1965: Connors visits the Maple Leaf Hotel in Timmins, Ontario but is a nickel short of buying a beer. Bartender Gaet Lepine tells Connors he can have a beer if he sings some songs. The short audition makes Connors a mainstay at the venue for more than a year.

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