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Going from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One feels a bit like moving into a new house it takes a while to figure out where everything is and to stop opening the linen closet door when you actually wanted the bathroom. One of the most novel new features of the Xbox One is Snap, which lets you play a game, watch a movie, browse the Internet and so on while having a second app in a vertical window that takes up about 1/4 of the screen. It feels a bit like a gimmick that no one asked for in a game console, but it can have practical uses, such as playing a game in the main window while having Internet Explorer open to a FAQ in the other, or, if you really rude, being on a Skype video call while watching Netflix in a second window.

My husband and I started a papercrafting Kit club back in 2007. However earlier this year. So in February, we decided to expand our Kit club to also be a full on line mixed media store!The store started out in our house. Even musical geniuses need to look cool to the kids. So, in an apparent attempt to expand his fan base beyond the bounds of senior citizenry, 72 year old Beach Boy Brian Wilson 11th solo release gooses his mellow seaside pop, layered harmonies and wistful nostalgia with contributions from contemporary ringers like fun. Nate Ruess, alt country upstart Kacey Musgraves, Capital Cities Sebu and She Him Zooey Deschanel and M.

Definitely. I use a Xiaomi phone myself. I’m fine with rooting and I always set up a large SD card to act as space for large apps. The only thing the adult versions were missing were the snaps at the crotch. And there was a ton of garbage. It was disgusting.

Contemporary variations of vintage movie star shades are ubiquitous this season, as common as sugar cones and almost as easy to come by. The eyewear equivalent of bling, they compete for status with the fashionably oversize handbags toted by the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie and come in more styles than Baskin Robbins has flavors. Already a West Coast badge of chic, they have emerged all across the country as summer’s most sought after fashion accessory..

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big time Gomez fan, but he’s frustrating to watch sometimes. Fun, but frustrating.. This often seems like a daunting task, given that your wedding photographer will send you hundreds of photos (not counting the ones that you, your friends and your family took yourselves). But though it seems easier to just stuff them into one box, you know once you do that those photos will never see the light of day. Here how to organize them, and.

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