Smartwatch For Kids

Smartwatch – The New Toy for Kids

When VTech showed off their VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch for kids at the New York Toy Fair 2014, they may have opened a floodgate of big companies producing kids smart watches. Get more detailed info on the VTech Watch.

The New York Toy Fair 2014 was held in the ‘Big Apple’ in mid February 2014.

Companies have been messing with the idea of a smartwatch for years. People did not pay much attention until the Samsung Gear watch was made available for sale. Now there is also a Sony Smartwatch and more big companies are coming online. There is even rumors that the biggest tech company of them all, Apple, INc. is planning a smart phone of their own.

Even with all that flurry of activity, the smartwatch is still not causing the buzz and excitement that Samsung and others had hoped. The problem is that we have so many mobile devices, it is hard to justify one more for between $200 – $300.

Studies by top 25 market research firm, NPD Group, INC. has shown that 25 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds were interested in buying a smart watch. However, this number stepped up to 30% for 16 -24 year olds. We expect it to be even higher for the 4 – 12 year old.

Companies may be better advised to focus on the kiddies market and that is where companies like  Vtech, Filip and LG are placing emphasis.


The VTEch Watch


Learning Games

The VTech watch is a kind of Swiss Army kinfe watch. It is a smartwatch with  4 learning games or you can download more games from the company’s Learning Lodge software store.

Also from an educational point of view, the watch comes with switchable analog and digital faces. This helps kids learn to read the old fashioned analog watch. The watch  also comes with a choice of up to 50 watch faces.

Kids can also take pictures, record videos, record their voices in clips and play it back along with special effects.  The VTech watch can be attached to a computer or laptop via micro USB cable to download material such as photos and videos as well as access stuff from VTech Learning Lodge.

The kidizoom smartwatch from VTech has a 1.41″ color screen and has a rechargeable battery built in. The pink VTech watch and the blue version are the most popular colors, but it also comes in white and green colors.

The VTech watch costs a flat fee of around $60.


Filip Watch


The first watch produced by the New York based Filip Technologies has been 3 years in the making. It provides 2 things that the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch lacks: location and voice (phone) communication.

The beautiful 2-button watch is worn by the kid, but attached to the parent through a phone app on the parent’s phone. There is straight phone connection between the child and parent as well as location via GPS and Wi-Fi.

So far, it seems as if the Filip will not contain any games.

The price of the Filip will be at or near a healthy $200, plus approximately $10 per month in data charges.

LG KizOn

LG is also positioning itself to enter the market with the KizOn. This smartwatch for kids is also focused on location and communication, just like the Filip watch. It is focused on pre-schoolers and grade schoolers.

Smartwatch For Kids

Kids smartwatch is now a new trend. VTech started it by releasing the kidizoom watch in August 2014. We suspect many more to follow as younger kids 6-11 are the perfect candidates for a smart watch. With Filip slated to release in time for the holidays and LG also expected to release this year, it will be interesting to see how the kiddies smartphone market plays out.

The VTech watch will help keep your kids away from your smartphone or tablet. The iPhone 6 (when it comes) will get a break. By the way, I just found a great place to buy cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If you want to check them out, the name of the site is Case 6.

The Vtech Watch should do a great job of keeping them away from the iPhone 6. The kids will have something to keep them occupied. This will give me freedom to enjoy my own devices.